9.3% ABV, Draft

Appearance: Hazy ruby-amber, minimal off-white head that vanishes quickly.
Aroma: Complex mix of sour, vinegar, oak and “funk.”
Taste: Sour, mildly tart and acidic, faint notes of oak and vanilla.
Mouthfeel: Light carbonation, medium bodied, dry and acidic finish.

Flamboyant Wild Red Ale roughly fits into the category of Flanders red, and it begins life as Arbor’s Jackhammer Old Ale before aging for six months in oak barrels inoculated with gueuze microbes. The bottled version conditions for at least another two months and, like other such beers, can obviously be cellared for quite some time after that. The draft version seemed less carbonated than some bottles I’ve had, but the complex sour, funky, fruity, tart, acidic and oaky notes all come through for another big winner in Arbor’s quietly awesome Sour Series.