7.5% ABV, Bottle

Appearance: Dark brown — almost black — with a medium dark tan head, that quickly dissipates.
Aroma: Blueberries are dominant, but some smokiness as well.
Taste: A bit of a bitter or tart blueberry flavor, with some smoke towards the end. Can also taste a hint of coffee and vanilla.
Mouthfeel: Full bodied, with some decent carbonation present that lightens it up just a little.

Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout has to be one of the first blueberry beers I’ve ever tried, and it’s one that will surely continually stick out in my mind.The brew features more tart blueberry flavor as opposed to sweet, but also contains some interesting coffee and vanilla flavors. Though what I’m most surprised by is the smokiness to this brew — it offsets the tartness slightly and makes the brew much more enjoyable on the tongue. Overall this is more of a well-balanced, smoky stout to me, with blueberries present in the background instead of being the forefront of the beer, which makes it very enjoyable and a bit easier to drink.