4.9% ABV

Appearance: Moderate foamy white head with a golden hued body.
Aroma: Upfront malt character, light hops scent.
Taste: Balanced with a malt-forward taste, finishes crisp — refreshing, thirst-quenching brew.
Mouthfeel:Prickly, but smooth (not so much creamy).

New Holland Brewing Company’s Full Circle is a traditional Kolsch-style brew. Its high malt and low hops (26 IBU) make this an easy-to-drink and refreshing summer beer. I could really see myself feeling completely satisfied and refreshed after throwing two back on a hot summer day.

The overall balance of Full Circle is spot on — this brew is packed full of many subtle flavors that come together in a harmonious refreshment. The subtle flavors are likely the result of multiple ingredients — both wheat and German Ale yeast and Mt. Hood and German Magnum hops. Either way, they are balanced well by the flavorful two-row pale malt.