Appearance: Looks a lot like champaign; with a medium size head which dissipates relatively quickly.
Aroma: Heavy in ginger with a bit of vanilla
Taste: Overwhelmingly ginger…to the point where it can be related to ginger ale. There’s a bit of a floral and vanilla flavors present on the tongue as well.
Mouthfeel: Very watery and easy to drink. There’s a lot of carbonation present with each sip.

B. Nektar’s The Naughty Ginger certainly takes meads to a different level. This overly watery mead has several champaign-like qualities, starting with its light gold color to its heavy carbonation. Ginger is the name of the game here — it’s almost too overwhelming, to the point where it could be confused with a ginger ale.

In addition to the heavy ginger taste, there’s a bit of vanilla and floral flavors present as well. It’s definitely a sipper, but one that is rather enjoyable and light on the tongue, compared with other meads.