Sometimes simple is good.

The ingredients listed in Schmohz Brewery’s Zingiberene Ale are water, malted barley, ginger root and yeast. While some beer enthusiasts might consider it bland, it’s one of the more refreshing craft brews around.

Zingiberene is incredibly crisp and the carbonation comes as a surprise. The simple ingredients do actually mean simple taste, which is perhaps why I find it so refreshing. The first time I tried it I had just finished two-plus hours of playing Ultimate Frisbee. So, for certain, I chose the right beer.

Since then, I’ve gone back to it several times. And now sitting at home sipping on a bottle of it, I still have it on my list of regulars. It’s kind of like a less sweet version of a ginger ale pop (pop means “soda” or “coke” in the Mitten — this is a Michigan website, right?) with some malty, beery undertones.

Schmohz does not pasteurize its brews, so they have a fresher and fuller taste (but it also means you have to keep them cold).

There is certainly a “Zing,” to the overall feel of Zingiberene on the tongue, making the name fitting. I highly recommend using this beer to introduce friends to craft beer. It’s ideal because it is light and the flavor is not too overpowering. And, if you know a friend who likes ginger ale, Zingiberene is sure to be a hit with them.

Another good reason to introduce it to craft beer neophytes is the unique process used to make this brew — ginger is used instead of hops. Hoppy beers tend to be overpowering to those who curl up their nose at certain craft brews, especially IPAs. Ginger is a little more familiar taste to most, so the bite doesn’t seem so overpowering.

For as light as it is, you wouldn’t guess it’s 5.3 percent ABU (even if it is a craft brew), but Schmohz has quite a few beers like this. Certainly, Schmohz is worth grab off the store shelf (my other favorites are Valley City Cream Ale and Pickle Tink Ale) or at any pub serving it.

You can find a retailer or restaurant/bar by going to Schmohz’s distribution index here, but the index is a bit impractical in that you need to wait for it to scroll through various locations on its own at a slow pace. You can also visit the Grand Rapids brewery, located at 2600 Patterson SE.

All in all, I am hooked on the simple taste and zing of Zingiberene Ale.