Founders goes dark for annual Black Party


Lansing Microbrew Fest brings big names in brewing and music


Elk Brewing: Homegrown


Team BeerCity formed, plans in place for BeerCity Week this May

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Q&A with Sherwood Brewing Company

Apr 21 | 1 Comment

MittenBrew had a chance to sit down with Ray Sherwood and Corey Paul from Sherwood Brewing Co. to pick their brains on— what else — beer! From favorite beers to brewing process and beer in general, Ray and Corey told us why they’re all about beer.  What did you do prior to brewing? Ray...

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The low-down on hops and what we’re tasting

Jan 13 | No Comments

In the first article in a three-part series on brewing ingredients, the Humulus Lupulus is where the journey begins. As it turns out, the Michigan-exclusive Huma Lupa Licious from Short’s Brewing Company is in fact, not a name created from a certain Gene Wilder movie, but a name based off the...